B&V Experience, design, know-how and innovation merge in B&V, a Spanish firm with more than 20 years’ experience. From their headquarters in Moixent, Valencia, and surrounded by a serene and warm environment full of olive trees and vitis, B&V since 1992 have been making their own designs in an upholstery atelier that combines traditional handicraft, dedication, experience and the creativity with state-of-the-art technology. Each and every one of their designs are unique pieces conceived by expert designers and handmade by master craftsmen, a combination which provides each piece with the necessary characteristics to guarantee their durability, comfort, quality and functionality.

Sovet Italia

SOVET ITALIA represents the tradition of glass bending. The company is among the pioneers in the production of glass sinks obtained through the bending of float glass. Its know-how expands through the creation of dining tables, chairs, stools, mirrors, and occasional tables made with the most sophisticated and original glasses such as the innovative carbon-treated glass or the combination with other materials such as wood, steel, ceramic and aluminum.


GYFORM Custom sizes are our speciality. Modular sofa’s in any size. From the very beginning the production was based on well defined principles: quality of the project from both the point of view of aesthetic and technique; functionality and respect of environment. As time went by, these vocations permitted to build a collection that is conspicuous for its taste, technology and creativity, on the international high quality and design upholstery market.


Varaschin Italian leader in outdoor, indoor and contract furniture. It was 1969 when Ugo Varaschin laid the foundations by weaving wicker and rattan from exotic places to make outdoor furniture. The turning point came when production was converted. Growing difficulties in finding exotic cane provided the push to progressively transform weaving into intersecting geometry, giving it a stylistic touch typical of modern creations. Indoor and contract furniture have been added to the original outdoor products, and a group of internationally renowned designers has been involved to create unique collections featuring essential elegance. Specimens can be seen all over the world because Varaschin produces in Italy and exports to over 70 countries. Its production is distinguished by careful attention to detail and constant research into aesthetics.


Plycollection – modern high quality design chairs and stools. PLYCOLLECTION is combining the experience and capabilities of Latvia’s largest furniture manufacturers with modern and world-renowned design. The innovative development process results in a collection of beautiful molded plywood chairs that fit anywhere- from homes and offices to public areas. Using the unique technology for molding plywood, a highly qualified workforce and quality materials we aim to offer our customers throughout the world modern high quality design chairs.


PRESOTTO Contemporary furniture made in Italy. Surprising and customizable furniture created for contemporary living requirements – expertise, experience, innovation, creativity and eco-sustainability are the values that set the foundation of Presotto’s philosophy which is represented by a veritable pyramid of life that contains all the reliability of a historical brand that has been appreciated in Italy and throughout the world since 1948 for its excellent furnishing solutions.

NOW Carpets

NOW CARPETS is a dynamic company, from Spain, dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of rugs and carpets worldwide for both indoor and outdoor. Personalized service. NOW CARPETS offers to architects, interior designers, decorators and other professionals, “CUSTOM CARPETS”, a service that gives the possibility of combining formats, designs and colors from our initial proposals or simply customizations for each project.